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  1.   Fight as your favorite heroes & villains from “Into the Badlands” including Sunny, The Widow, M.K., Tilda, Quinn and more. Survive epic quests in an unforgiving world & forge Alliances to survive and conquer the Badlands. The official game of the AMC’s ‘Into the Badlands’. Featuring a never-before-seen, isometric, one vs. many free-flow combat experience that’s easy to play but hard to master.       Into the Badlands Blade Battle 1.2.02 APK Data OBB Mod Google Play: com.reliancegames.itb Version: 1.2.02 Android: 4.0.3 and up Mod: 1. Unlimited Money* (*)Increases rather than decreases (Aumenta ao invés de diminuir)   Copy the files to Android/OBB  and install APK;   Download APK Download OBB  
  2.   Play as Steve and fight alongside Mark, Big Bert, Jaime and Little John to save the earth from Prince Zardoz and the rest of the Boazanian army! ★ Help Steve battle Boazanian minions and navigate his way towards his teammates. ★ Rescue your team mates, volt in and summon the famous super robot, Voltes V! ★ Use Voltes V's signature moves against the Boazanian beast fighters! ★ Collect coins and upgrade the Voltes V team's weapons. ★ Look out for the mysterious crate and get a chance to win a surprise!     Voltes V - Official 8 APK Mod Google Play: Click Here Version: 8 Android: 4.1 and up Mod: 1. Unlimited gem 2. Unlimited gold   Download APK  
  3.   Are you a fan of the good old counter terrorists and counter strike? Here is some cops striking news for you. We are ready to change an idea of free online PVP Android multiplayer shooters. Jaw-dropping graphics and optimization even for low-performing devices - best online shooting game for android. Armed confrontation is beginning this spring in your smartphone. Take the part in the vanguard at the battlefield of Modern Strike Online! Confront your enemy – it’s high-time to blitz!       Modern Strike Online 1.20.4 APK Mod Google Play: com.gamedevltd.modernstrike Version: 1.20.4 Android: 1.6 and up Mod:  1. Premium Account for Unlimited Days2. Unlimited Ammo (Balas não diminuirão)   Copy the files to Android/OBB  and install APK; Download APK Download OBB  
  4.   N.O.V.A. Legacy brings you the best sci-fi FPS experience from the epic first episode of the critically acclaimed N.O.V.A. saga - all in a compact 20 MB version. Kal Wardin, our hero, is a retired N.O.V.A. veteran summoned once again to don his Mobile Armor Suit in defence of the Colonial Administration forces. Helped by Yelena, his personal AI Agent, Kal must protect humanity's destiny by entering the battlefield against alien invaders while uncovering the mystery behind their sudden attack.   N.O.V.A. Legacy 3.0.8 APK Mod Google Play: Version: 4.1.1 Android: 4.0.3 and up Mod: 1. Unlimited Money* (Dinheiro infinito) (*)Increases rather than decreases (Aumenta ao invés de diminuir) - Desativar a internet antes de iniciar o jogo - Mudança de idioma nas configurações   Download APK  
  5.   Grind along precarious rails and grab the highest air before casually dropping in a gravity-defying signature trick to record insane high score combos. Can you emulate Nyjah’s feat of the highest-scoring trick in Street League history? Grab your deck, pop those tricks and perfectly time the cleanest of landings to become a skateboarding superstar. And, who knows, maybe you’ll even be good enough to challenge Nyjah as the world’s greatest skateboarding hero...       Nyjah Huston: #Skatelife 0.4.0 APK Mod Google Play: Click Here Version: 0.4.0 Android: 4.0.3 and up Mod: 1. Money   Download APK  
  6. 王牌特攻 -  Who is the traditional shooting game Shootout, subverting shootout shooting hand travel, hero skills for the integration of cross-generational shootout ─ ace Commandos Ace game has a number of special forces from different countries, and beyond mortal hero has distinctive skills, accumulated experience to strengthen your heroes through the game's combat, each hero has its own mentality, rich story mode until you come experience while having a shape Skin through the ages, gathering mad you can not miss ace Commandos     Guns Rush Mobile 3.7.25262 APK Mod Google Play: Version: 3.7.25262 Android: 4.0.3 and up Mod: 1. Damage Hack ( Enemies will have too ) 2. Ammo Hack 3. No Reload 4. 10 bullets per shot 5. No Spread + No Recoil Note: Don’t Use Damage Hack or Enemies will have that Damage too!   Download APK  
  7.   Take your shot! The #1 sniper series finally goes mobile, with plenty of firepower, classified combat, and deadly special forces action. • Fight deadly mercenaries and defeat unique bosses with special powers • Release hostages, provide cover for allies and defend your vehicle on the go during special missions • 15 hours long, explosive story campaign featuring 6 stunning locations       Sniper: Ghost Warrior 1.1.2 APK Data OBB Mod Google Play: com.cigames.sgwm Version: 1.1.2 Android: 4.4 and up Mod: 1. Infinite Ammo 2. No Reload 3. Piercing Ammo Activated   Copy the files to Android/OBB  and install APK;   Download APK Download OBB  
  8.   Build your Robot Fighting machine in this ultimate action and sports adventure. Unleash furious attacks in one-one combat using special moves, jabs, punches with legendary parts of your favorite heroes Atom, Zeus, Midas, NoisyBoy and new superstar Atom Prime. Battle in the boxing realms with 1000s of unique robots and dominate 10 inspiring arenas in this epic sequel. Defeat the Legends of the New Real Steel Era & an All New Mysterious Super Boss to Reign Supreme as The Undisputable Champion!     Real Steel Boxing Champions 1.0.385 APK data obb Mod Google Play: com.reliancegames.rschampions Version: 1.0.411 Android: 2.3.3 and up Mod: 1. Unlimited Coins. "Increase" 2. Unlimited Money. "Increase" 3. All Parts Unlocked and activated.   Copy the files to Android/OBB and install APK;   Download APK Download OBB  
  9.   Defend your house! Your swamp cottage is under attack by animals gone crazy. You have to defend it and survive the oncoming attacks from the evil zombie critters who know no mercy. Now with an ACTION-PACKED MULTIPLAYER MODE, more than 300 different single-player levels, 8 episodes and Quick Missions for instant action! Defend your house with more than 30 awesome defense tools like the mighty shotgun, the reckless minigun and the super atom bomb! Witness more than 35 different critters going wild - each with its own special attack!     Swamp Attack 2.2.1 APK Mod Google Play: com.outfit7.movingeye.swampattack Version: 2.2.2 Android: 4.0.3 and up Mod: 1. Unlimited Money (Dinheiro infinito) 2. Unlimited Energy / Unlocked   Download APK  
  10.   Junte-se a Ezio, Aguilar, Shao Jun e outros assassinos lendários em novas aventuras! Construa sua própria Irmandade e se infiltrar fortalezas dos templários na primeira Estratégia-RPG do universo do assassino Creed! Experimente uma nova visão sobre os heróis de franquia e jogabilidade: Construir o seu próprio FRATERNIDADE Redescubra as lendas da Ordem Assassinos como nunca visto antes. Equipe-se com mais de 40 caracteres, incluindo Ezio, Shao Jun Aguilar e muitos outros novos personagens. Treinar e promovê-los para os mais altos escalões para fortalecer suas forças fraternidade e derrotar os planos dos Templários. Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion 1.2.0 APK Mod Google Play: com.ubisoft.accovenant Versão: 1.2.0 Android: 4.3 ou superior Mod: V1 1. Infinite Resources(Increasing/Except Helix Credits) V2 1.  Fast Level Up(Player + Heroes)(x50)   Copie os dados para Android/OBB e instale o APK;   Download APK [V1] Download APK [V2] Download OBB  
  11.   Ready your ship and cruise the great expanse of space in over 40 engaging missions in 5 distinct locales. Hunt down and destroy enemy spacecraft, crush capital ships, mine asteroids for rare minerals, and find blueprints to craft amazing new vessels. Subdivision Infinity features stunning graphics and tight spaceship game play. Beyond the story's main missions, you will have an array of optional goals to keep you cruising, including space exploration, bounty hunting, and mining operations.     Subdivision Infinity 1.0.6304 APK Mod Google Play: com.crescentmoongames.subdivision Version: 1.0.6304 Android: 4.1 and up Mod: 1. Unlimited Money (Dinheiro infinito)   Copy the files to Android/OBB and install APK;   Download APK Download OBB  
  12.   Experience survival challenge, execute zombies and protect your fellow zombie hunters! Fight your way through large zombie forest and city environments and kill every living dead in sight! You get help from computer controlled team mates so you don’t have to battle alone. You enemies get pretty tough as you make progress. They become faster and some of them even have machine guns and rocket launchers. You have challenging missions to complete. There is hunting with a sniper rifle from a distance, close combat assault in an urban environment, waves of zombies attacking you from all sides and much more.   Zombie Raiders Survival 1.1 APK Mod Google Play: com.smoothapps.zombieteam Version: 1.1 Android: 4.0 and up Mod: 1. Unlocked   Install normaly;   Download APK  
  13.   Fight zombies, build asylums, find your way back home! Shadows of Kurgansk is an adventure game, where you need to survive in an area full of danger and mystery. Your goal is to stay alive and find the way out, fighting monsters and completing story driven missions. To stay alive you will need to hunt, gather supplies, build storage and asylums. You will be able to create tools, clothes and equipment. In due time your life will become quite comfortable, but the Zone is not exactly the best place to spend the rest of your time. You will need to find the way out. Even if you fail, remember – death is only the beginning. The beginning of a new journey!   Shadows of Kurgansk 1.3.27 APK Mod Google Play: com.gaijindistr.freeabandoned Version: 1.3.27 Android: 4.4 and up Mod: 1. Unlimited Money (Dinheiro infinito)   Install normaly;   Download APK  
  14.   Twenty years after the fall of Earth, the remnants of the Human race are once again faced with extinction. The time has come to justify our existence. A mysterious life form known as the XADA squares off against humanity's last weapon - the War-Mech series III battle suit. Features: Stunning console-quality graphics, first-class voice acting and Hollywood-grade audio production. Full orchestral scores masterfully mixed by Grammy Award winner and "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy engineer, John Kurlander.      Implosion 1.2.10 APK Data OBB Mod Google Play: com.rayark.implosion Version: 1.2.10 Android: 4.0 and up Mod: *Full Mod* 1. Infinite Money. 2. Unlock All Badge Rewards. [ Collect Them ] 3. Crimson Unlocked. [ Collect him from Badges ] 4. Massive Damage. 5. Massive Health. 6. Massive Rage. 7. Massive Shield. 8. Massive Hacker Level. 9. Massive Agility. 10. Massive Armor. 11. Massive Endurance. 12. Massive Item Drop Rate. 13. Always Critical. 14. Always Dodge. 15. No Skill Cooldown. 16. No Skill Cost. 17. Fast Level Up 18. Full Version Unlocked.   Copy the files to Android/OBB and install APK;   Download APK Download OBB  
  15.   Como é o seu assassino? Ainda lutando solidão? Este é um RPG de ação diferente de qualquer outro! Experiência divertida e emocionantes batalhas que você nunca experimentou antes! Ajude o assassino recuperar e ajudar ataques enquanto desfruta de um jogo completamente diferente! Manter fora os monstros e ir além dos limites com intermináveis batalhas! Numerosos mundos e uma variedade de monstros! O prazer de RPG básico, com uma variedade de equipamentos e vestuário para obter através de fora do jogo! Sudden Assassin (Tap RPG) 1.1.17 APK Mod Google Play: com.honeydew.heroassassin Versão: 1.1.17 Android: 4.1 ou superior Mod: 1. Unlimited Money (Dinheiro infinito)   Download APK  
  16.   Lembre-se a frequência com que você esmagar botão reiniciar na atiradores de ação, quando algo deu terrivelmente errado e você morreu? No nosso jogo, você provavelmente vai fazer o mesmo - mas há uma grande diferença - suas tentativas anteriores irá apoiá-lo! Cada clone adicional cópia exata mesmos movimentos que você fez, quando você estava jogando como ele. Escolha entre muitas unidades diferentes que variam de minigun empunhando soldado para jet-pack ou tanque e usar este mecânicas únicas, juntamente com a sua criatividade para encontrar uma das centenas de maneiras de completar missões desafiadoras em exércitos Clônicas. Levar seu exército contra o inimigo com chapéu vermelho e bigode!   Clone Armies 3.1.1 APK Mod Google Play: com.clonearmies.elecube Versão: 3.1.1 Android: 2.3 ou superior Mod: 1- Unlimited Money (Dinheiro infinito)   Instale normalmente;   Download APK  
  17.   Liberte a sua equipa final da Superstars no jogo rápido do WWE nova,, WWE Tap Mania! Na WWE Tap Mania, a ação nunca para. Torne-se um WWE Superstar e batalha ao lado maiores Superstars e Legends da WWE. Recolha estrela mundial cartões, construir o seu deck, e subir para se tornar o campeão da WWE. Entrar no ringue e nunca bater para fora!         WWE Tap Mania 15077 APK Mod Google Play: com.sega.wwetap Versão: 15077 Android: 4.2 ou superior Mod: 1. High Damage   Download APK  
  18. Luta De Robo -  Take part in one of the BattleMinibots armored car shows – spectacular robots fighting games of armored car radio-guided vehicles. These indestructible battle cars are extremely dangerous, each with its unique weapon for death racing. Create your own armored car minibot in the garage and upgrade its properties to make it to the try-out and become a member of the mech robot wars League! Enjoy watching steel robot fighting BattleBots and armored car Robot Wars shows? Always dreamed of creating your own indestructible battle cars robot and building a team to take part in the death racing show? With Robot Fighting 2 - Minibots robots fighting games ANYONE can be part of armored car wars game – this car battle is thrilling! Robot Fighting 2 - Minibots 3D 1.2.4 APK Mod Google Play: com.realfightinggp.RobotFighting2MinibotBattle3D Version: 1.2.4 Android: 4.1 and up Mod: 1. VIP Status Enabled 2. Free Shopping 3. Unlimited Gold 4. Unlimited Silver   Download APK  
  19.   Deus da Era gira em torno das ferozes batalhas de heróis épicos (Heroes Game). A guerra mundial estourou quando o poder mágico foi liberado, todo o mundo cai no escuro e caótico. Uma nova ordem Legend precisa ser configurada, e esse é o momento em que começa a guerra e Choque de Heroes. Os heróis épicos (Epic Heroes) terão que lutar contra monstros para aumentar sua força e provar seu poder.         God of Era: Epic Heroes War 0.1.16 APK Mod Google Play: com.Zonmob.GodofEra Versão: 0.1.16 Android: 4.0.3 ou superior Mod: 1. Gode Mode 2. 1 Hit Kill 3. ads-Removed 4. Anti-ban + Cheat detection bypassed   Download APK  
  20. Marvel Torneio de Campeões -  Prepare for epic versus-fighting action with your favorite Marvel Super Heroes & Super Villains in the ultimate cosmic showdown! Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine & more await your summons to battle! Assemble a team & begin your quest to become the Ultimate Marvel Champion! WELCOME TO THE CONTEST: Captain America vs. Iron Man! Hulk vs. Wolverine! Spider-Man vs. Deadpool! The greatest battles in Marvel history are in your hands! The greedy Elder of the Universe known as The Collector has summoned you to a brawl of epic proportions against a line-up of vile villains including Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, and many more! Experience the ultimate free-to-play fighting game on your mobile device…Marvel Contest of Champions! Marvel Torneio de Campeões 14.1.1 APK DATa obb Mod Google Play: com.kabam.marvelbattle Version: 15.0.0 Android: 4.0.3 and up Mod: V1 1. God Mode (Enemies don’t attack) V2 1. God Mode (Enemies don’t attack) 2. One Hit Damage Nota 1: Pode não funcionar em alguns dispositivos. Nota 2. Primeiro instale a versão Tutorial e complete, após terminar, instale a versão mod sobre ele.    Copy the files to Android/OBB and install APK;   Download APK [Tutorial] Download APK [V1] Download APK [V2] Download OBB  
  21.   Snipers vs Thieves é um jogo multiplayer assalto em tempo real onde você proteger seu esconderijo como um Sniper mortal ou saquear seus rivais como um bando de ladrões imundos! Use o dinheiro para comprar acessórios clássicos assalto que variam de explodir óculos de munição, de visão noturna para o disfarce árvore sempre confiável! Trabalhe seu caminho até as fileiras e participar de um Cartel com os amigos para reivindicar recompensas ainda maiores! Trabalho em equipe e pensamento rápido lhe dará a chance de ganhar mudando jogo máscaras, como o Rei do gorila, melão cabeça e até mesmo presidentes dos EUA passado e do presente!       Snipers vs Thieves 1.0.11499 APK Mod Google Play: se.foglo.svt Versão: 1.0.11499 Android: 4.0.3 ou superior Mod: 1. One Hit (Sniper) 2. No shock 3. Unlimited Ammo 4. Fast loading   Instale normalmente;   Download APK Download OBB  
  22.   Qual é o problema de um pouco de guerra entre amigos? Bate de frente com oponentes de carne e osso e vai à bulha em batalhas de combate entusiasmantes e aceleradas, ou organiza-te em grupo para subires nas tabelas de liderança. Cria o melhor exército do mundo neste jogo de ação tática 3D sem igual, dos criadores de Mega Dead Pixel. Evade balas, manda-te ao chão para te protegeres e dá cabo das forças inimigas invasoras usando todos os meios necessários!       WarFriends 1.4.0 APK Mod Google Play: Versão: 1.4.0 Android: 4.1 ou superior Mod: 1. Unlimited Ammo 2. Unlocked   Instale normalmente;   Download APK Download OBB  
  23. Você gosta de naves espaciais? Conheça o primeiro jogo on-line onde existe controlo direto da sua nave espacial. No jogo, você desempenha o papel de um capitão de uma nave espacial. No início, você vai gerir um pequeno navio, mas à medida que a sua personagem desenvolve, vai alcançar ao couraçados e naves superpesadas. Lute contra adversários reais num jogo on-line e desenvolva a sua frota. A galáxia e o espaço precisa de um comandante como você! Torne-se uma lenda do espaço!           Planet Commander 1.4 APK Mod Google Play: com.CubeSoftware.SpaceConflictGame Versão: 1.4 Android: 2.3 ou superior Mod: 1. Infinite Coins (Increase when Bought) 2. Infinite Crystal (Increase when Bought)   Instale normalmente;   Download APK  
  24.   Chega-se o tempo para entrar na batalha! Modo de jogar exclusivamente divertido, simples e viciado! Cntos de habilidades, formas de combinação à sua vontade! Jogadores globais competem no mesmo servidor! Tenta superar outros e ocupar o primeiro lugar! Boa sorte! 1.0.53 APK Mod Google Play: com.cmcm.arrowio Versão: 1.0.53 Android: 4.0.3 ou superior Mod: 1. Unlocked   Download APK  
  25.   Uma nova ação-e experiência multiplayer role-playing baseado em estratégia, anteriormente classificado # 1 no Japão App Store and Play Store *. --- Saudações do Reino de Heiland, onde monstros e mistérios de todos os tipos se escondem. Você é um caçador em uma missão: juntar-se com amigos para matar monstros, coletar materiais preciosos para forjar e atualizar suas próprias armas e armaduras, então melhorá-los com Magi de adquirir habilidades poderosas. E fazê-los todos com um dedo, graças aos nossos, controles intuitivos de fácil reprodução.     Dragon Project 1.0.3 APK Mod Google Play: Clique aqui Versão: 1.0.3 Android: 4.1 ou superior Mod: 1. High damage 2. Traumatic weak injury 3. Bring equipment to receive high (High Defense) 4. X2 running speed 5. X3 speed hit   Instale normalmente;   Download APK